Will house insurance cover for glass damage?

If you have a home, you most likely pay for a home insurance. If debris or third-party cause the damages, it will definitely be covered. Damages in the glass window and door damages caused by fire, theft, and storms will also be covered. Most companies also cover accidental damage due to windows and doors being a safety risk. But, it is still necessary to check what is included in your home insurance.

Be careful with making a claim in your insurance. Claims can increase your future monthly insurance premium. Most larger companies have a no claim bonus or one free claim a year, where this does not affect your no claim bonus. Always ready your product disclosure statement to be up to date.

Diverse Glazing Group has been in the business for more than 20 years. We have ample experience working with insurance companies.

Just call your insurer and let them know that you have chosen to work with us. We will still provide service even if you are still working it out with your insurance.


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