Words from another satisfied client

Written and shared by a very proud business owner.

When you have clients come and go, you always try your very best to do everything you can, no matter the situation. There are times you cannot help where you bend over backward, upside down and nothing is still good enough to make them happy.

Sometimes whilst you are bending over backward, upside down balancing many different trades and a building company, we still managed to make sure the clients LOVE the entire experience.

That journey makes our entire team fly high on cloud 9 for days. Our entire team blends together to make sure that experience is executed to the highest performance possible.

This particular service I am referring to is for a current client.

She and her husband, I will refer to them as Mr & Mrs. K, contacted us earlier this year, over 6 months ago, asking for quotes. They would like to build a property and were wanting splashbacks, shower screens and mirrors supplied and installed.

I provided them with their quote and stayed in contact with them throughout their building process.

There were many times Mrs. K would call concerned about selecting the right custom color for their splashback, or the changes they made to their kitchen by extending the benches or changing the layout to the glass in the bathroom. No problem, we have got your back Mrs. K! And we did just that. We bent over backward, upside down whilst balancing that glass.

Unfortunately, the clients cannot be on the building site whilst trades are on site as per safety regulations so they were not able to be there for today’s installation.

As I said before, when my entire team blends together, they really do. What is a better way to share the experience when the installation trades take sneaky photos of the splashbacks and shower screens, sends them to the administration staff who then sends it personally to the clients without me asking them to do it nor being hassled by our clients, they just did it!

When they say a photo tells a story of 1000 words, I think that is an understatement. This is the reason why we are a small family business. This is the reason why I come to work every day, this is the reason why I love my job!

I could not be prouder of our team and I cannot wait for Mr & Mrs. K to move into their brand new home and enjoy their new journey. We hope you love it for many years to come, Mr & Mrs. K!


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