Where You Can Install Your Pet Door

Pet doors allow your pets to come and go as they please. As pet owners, we find this convenient. Like any construction at home, there are things to consider. Where do I want my pet door installed?

The places where you can install your pet door are:

At the door – This is the most common location to install the pet door. Pets can go outside potty if they need to or for a quick run in the backyard. Pet doors can also be installed inside the house. Your pet can go to the kitchen whenever they feel thirsty at night.

In the wall – There are tons of creative pet door projects floating around Pinterest. Pet owners perceive walls to be more sturdy than doors which make sense. When you expose your home to the outside elements through your pets, you want it installed in a more secure spot.

In glass doors – We’ve done countless install through glass doors. Most houses we’ve worked on are modern and uses glass patio doors. Whenever you have a view from the outside, why cover it up? Our pet doors can be custom made to blend well with the glass door design.

In screen doors – This old school install is still as relevant today. When you live in an older home or enjoy the fresh breeze without letting in insects or other animals into the home, you would have installed a screen. We can supply pet doors fitting for a screen door.

In downstairs window – Not all pet owners are dog owners. Some of our clients love to spoil their pet by installing a pet door through the window. It’s such an obvious place for pet cats since they love to climb.

If you are ready to purchase a pet door, give us a call for an estimate or browse through our online shop to see the pet doors we supply.


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