Emergency window repairs

Windows keep the house well insulated from heat and cold. It protects us from the outside elements during extreme weather or from burglars. But, accidents do happen at any time and we might need emergency repairs done to keep everyone at home safe.

Diverse Glazing Group responds 24/7 to emergency glazing needs. We help secure your home and keep everyone safe from broken glass debris, too.

If sliding windows don’t close properly, retrofitting might be the solution. This way, you won’t have to spend extra for a full replacement.

What if one night, during the cold season, we find out the window leaks cold air? Our professional glaziers are available day or night and bring the standard equipment used to fix such problems.

Depending on how severe the case is if we don’t have the standard glass for immediate repair, we help secure the area until we get the right glass supply for your needs.

Repair cost does vary. Not worry. We do work with most home insurers so we can go ahead with the repairs while waiting for insurers pay out.

Whatever window type you have, sliding, glass, french windows, etc., our qualified glaziers are just a phone call away. We service Perth and the South West area. Call us for booking.


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