How to clean your glass shower screen?

There are many benefits to having a glass shower screen. It is most effective in keeping the rest of the bathroom dry. It lets in light and reflects light so it makes the bathroom appear bigger.

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One of the responsibilities of maintaining a home is keeping it clean. With time, your glass shower screen will appear duller and duller. Because it deals with water on a daily basis, the sealant might be damage over time. This will cause water to leak through the screen.

When you spend money on a glass shower screen, you want it to last longer. How do you make its shine last?

A homemade glass cleaner will do just great just like using baking soda as the best way to absorb odor in refrigerators.

Vinegar is your best friend when dealing with soap and water build up. A good wipe down every week plus using vinegar to wipe the gunk is a good solution.

With vinegar, baking soda works great, too. After washing down the shower screen, apply and wipe with baking soda. It’s going to form a paste and leave a residue. After wiping it to the entire glass screen, wash it with water.

You will need to own a squeegee. The cause of a dull glass is allowing water to sit and dry in the glass screen. Wiping water away with a squeegee keeps the shine in glass longer.


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