How to properly clean glass windows?

It is always nice to have windows that will allow you to enjoy the view from the outside. But, if your view is obstructed with stains and dirt, it takes away the enjoyment of the view.

Cleaning glass windows do not require a lot of steps to follow.

What you need are:

  1. Squeegee
  2. Strip cloth applicator or scrubber
  3. Lint-free rags or towels
  4. Bucket of water
  5. Glass coating protectant

Cleaning solution options:

  1. Water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid
  2. One part white vinegar to one part water

Wash your windows using the strip cloth applicator. It absorbs your cleaning solution. This is good if you have large windows. You can also use scrubber if you prefer. Small towels or lint-free rags will do if your windows are small.

After washing off, wipe off the liquid using the squeegee. Wipe off in S-pattern. Again, if you have smaller windows, use lint-free rags to wipe off the solution.

Wipe off the glass windows edges if it the squeegee can’t reach those areas. Wipe off the frame, too.

Once its clean and stains are gone, apply a protectant to make sure it stays cleaner longer. Window stains can be avoided as long as you remember to reapply every after cleaning.

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