Is double glazing doors costly?

Double glazing your glass windows and doors keep your home in a constant comfortable temperature. Double glazing is known to help reduce electricity bill making your home energy efficient. Investing in one can help save you money in the long run.

It will not take much to heat or cool a home when you have doors with double glazing. Windows and doors that are poorly insulated and designed can make the rooms too hot or too cold.

Cost of double glazing doors depend on these factors:

  1. Frame material – Do you have uPVC or Aluminum frame? uPVC cost more because of its quality
  2. Frame color – Depending on the design of the house or building, you have to match the frame that mounts your glass windows or doors. It is common and affordable for a white frame.
  3. Glass type – Of course, the type of glass used will matter in costing.
  4. Window type – The window design may be a little bit complex so it is going to cost more

While the factors mentioned above matters, the size, material, the number of windows you want reglaze and labor cost can also add to the expense.

Diverse Glazing Group has been in the glazing business for 20 years.  Double glazing doors cost are too varied as they are priced per property and application. Our professional and qualified glaziers can visit your home or office to talk about your ideas. Or, call us for bookings.


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