How much do new windows cost?

If you have lived in a home for years, you will probably one day want to update the design. Perhaps, some parts of the home are broken, in need of repairs or complete replacement. We’ve had several clients asking for a complete renovation.

But for the purpose of this article, are new windows expensive?

The cost of a new window depends on the type of window to be installed. Prices are usually on a per window basis. It can be a slider window, french window, bay window, double hung, casement, etc. Installation cost can vary as well. Obviously, custom or high-end windows will cost more.

Factor the cost of glass you choose for your new windows. You also have the option to add a coating in order to make your home energy efficient, tinting is a great option.

Getting the best windows for your home is truly an investment. It increases the value of your home and helps you save utility bills.

Diverse Glazing Group responds to emergency glass repairs from residential to commercial spaces. As there is no such thing as a standard sizes window, to reglaze your window, entry pricing starts from $185.00

Installing a new retrofit window frame down to the studs or double brick walls will cost from $660.00. If you are looking for Mandurah to Perth glazier, give us a call for an estimate.


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