Glazing in residential spaces

The primary purpose of glazing is to bring and reflect light in the house. There are many ways where glazing works in your home.

  • If you are going to be constructing an extension to your home, think about doing it with glass. Instead of putting up walls, create a glass box instead.
  • Glazing in your staircase is common in modern homes. Make taking the stairs to look like your floating on air.
  • Bring the garden in with glass bifold or glass sliding doors. This is also great if you love to entertain at home.
  • A floor to ceiling glass window or a double glazing window if you have a high ceiling. You have it installed in the staircase wall.
  • Feel like alfresco dining while inside the home by installing skylights in the kitchen and dining area.
  • Have an open floor plan concept but not quite if you add a glass partition. It makes for an interesting interior design.

Now that you can be creative with glazing, be creative in the type of the glass to use. It comes in different colors, texture, and can be printed, too.

Diverse Glazing Group service the area of Perth and the South West. If you are looking for a qualified glazier, give us a call. We help bring your ideas to life!

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