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We can offer a professional installation service throughout Perth and the South West

Whether you are located in the eastern hills of Perth, as far north as Clarkson and as far south as Busselton we will provide a professional service and installation for you. With our two locations, spreading between Fremantle and Mandurah, there is no area of Perth and the South West that is too far for Diverse Glazing Group.

Pet Doors About Us

21 Roper Street, O’Connor       9331 1499
57 Gordon Road, Mandurah     9581 6444

As you can see with our website, we are in love with our pets and we are the leading pet door installer in Western Australia through Peel Pet Access Doors. Do not let the adorable cats and dogs distract you from the other skills we are able to offer you, such as 24/7 emergency repairs, splashbacks, shower screens, reglaze windows and much much more.

Diverse Glazing Group is made up of three different companies. Madora Bay Glass, Peel Pet Access Doors and GT Glass.

All three companies merged together in 2018 to make a stronger glazing group to service Perth & South West with their extreme high performance and quality of workmanship.  The team at Diverse Glazing Group work tirelessly to ensure you are being served with the highest level of respect and professionalism to ensure you have the best experience from the very first call you make all the way to the end.


Mandurah’s #1 Glass and Aluminium Company

Finalists for 2019
Supporting the local community

Mandurah’s #1 Glass and Aluminium Company

Finalists for 20209
Supporting the local community