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How much to install shop front windows?

Most shops and commercial buildings use glass windows. There are many benefits of using glass. They provide sunlight, a view of the outside yet be able to protect privacy. For shop fronts, the installation of the framing is just as important in choosing the type of glass you need. Talking to a qualified glazier will […]

What type of glass to install in commercial spaces?

Toughened glass is the most common glass used in commercial spaces. Tempered, laminated and double glazing are just a few of the most common used. Tint and coating can be added as per request. There are many obvious benefits of using glass in commercial spaces. A glass that is strong and durable is a requirement […]

The Difference between Tempered and Annealed Glass

When deciding on what types to choose for your windows and doors, you commonly ‘tempered’ and ‘annealed’ glass in the selection. Both of these glasses gave them popularly in today’s market. You may ask yourself, what’s the difference between the two?  Which one is better?  A quick distinction is the heating and cooling treatment in […]

Replacing glass shop fronts

First impression matters. For your business, how you look in the outside makes a difference. Glass shop front not only makes creating aesthetically pleasing facade easy, but it also requires investment on utilities, security, and safety. Broken glass in your shop front is such an inconvenience. Why allow your loyal customers to go through that? […]

Reglazing for commercial property

Most modern buildings use glass windows. Architects and commercial property owners must decide what energy efficient glass windows they want with the range of materials available to use. If you own a commercial property, working with qualified glazing company will help determine what is the best material for your needs. You want to ask your […]