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The top 3 reasons why we need to come out to see your bathroom before quoting.

So you have decided to renovate the bathroom, the tilier has smashed out all of the tiles, the vanity is removed and you are left with this wonderful open space, needless to say, you are so excited to order your new shower screen because you know it takes 2 weeks for that baby to be […]

Why its a good idea to lay tiles first!

You are renovating your bathroom, the old tiles are removed, all cabinetry is in the bin, the new tiles have just arrived, its has gone from drab to fab and you are so excited as the process is coming along perfectly… well, until you need to order your new shower screen. You have trolled through […]

How much is it to install glass shower screen?

One popular makeover project to do in the bathroom is upgrading into a frameless glass shower screen. Diverse Glazing Group supplies glass shower screen from $395 including the installation fee of our qualified glazier. A frameless glass shower screen consists of toughened glass panels, the glass door hinges, glass handle, and sometimes may require unobtrusive […]

Shower curtain -v- glass shower screen

When not properly taken cared of, glass shower screen and shower curtains get moldy and turn yellowish. It is one of the similar downsides of both choices.  But what’s the most advantageous choice? Shower Curtain: A shower curtain is too versatile in terms of style. The materials to patterns, there’s just too many choices available […]