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Did you know that our pet cats also use pet doors?

All cat owners know that cats can be finicky little creatures. They can have a mind of their own and move to the beating of their own drum. Cats can be the sweetest babies on one hand and the most cunning of ninjas on the other. They like to explore, climb on furniture and, yes, […]

What type of pet door should I get?

When you are trying to maintain a home, making it lasts before any actual repairs can be done is possible. Well, if you have a pet, it might be a bit challenging. A happy pet must be able to come and go as they please, run around a bit in the backyard if they want […]

How much will it cost to build a cat door?

Installing cat door at home is such a convenience. Your pet cats can go in and out of the house as they please. No more door scratches. It’s no secret cats like to climb. We have clients calling in requesting for cat doors installed in their window. There are so many kinds of pet doors. […]

Installing doggie door

Making your home a haven for pets takes careful planning. The one thing most houses don’t come with during construction is a doggie door. When a homeowner moves in with a pet, installing doggie doors is one thing that is easily forgotten or pushed back as a future project. If you are adept with tools, […]

Benefits of Installing a Pet Door

Are you a homeowner who is in love with your pets? Of course, who would resist to have them at home? They are man’s best friends. They give you a feeling of excitement and relaxation. With this, you can’t deny the truth that you also serve as their doorman too.  As much as you love […]

Different Types of Pet Doors

You have decided to purchase and have professionals install a pet door in your home. But confused on which one to get? Here are the different types of doors for your pets: Traditional Flap – This is the most common, simplest door to install and also the cheapest. It also has a lock feature to […]

How much will it cost to install a doggie door?

Pet doors allow pet dogs to go out of the house to potty or go for a run in the backyard without the owners’ help. Pet doors cost depending on the size of the door that you need. There are also different types of pet access doors and there are some with features included. Remember, […]