DIY: How to Clean a Broken Glass Window

Accidents do happen and you cannot predict it. When there are natural or personal events that caused your windows to be broken, it’s important to take caution and handle the situation carefully. A slight mistake can make someone injured. Glass materials are sharp and without proper knowledge of ensuring safety, you can put yourself at risk. 

Cleaning Windows Glazier Mandurah

You, as a homeowner or an apartment dweller, is happy dealing with shattered window glass. But, because of the urgent need, it happens that they need to do it. If you have experienced this scenario, then this article will definitely help you.  

Here, we list down the steps for cleaning your broken windows. 


  1. Call a Professional Glass Repair Service

Taking the matter into your own hands without the knowledge of doing it will likely push you into danger. Instead, call for the local and nearest glass repair company like Diverse Glazing Group. They handle such kinds of situations and give you peace of mind. Broken windows will cause the water to enter your home and even gives an open space for insects to come in. The sooner you get your windows replaced, the lesser troubles will happen.  

  1. Evaluate the Window Glass

If the window doesn’t fall or it’s just partially broken, you might need to take a closer look to assess it. The sensitive cracks can make the entire window fall at a given time. Look if the glass is unstable and if the frame and the pane are still intact.  

  1. Secure the Area

After assessing the condition of the window, it’s time to secure the area so that you and your family will be aware. If there are broken glass scattered on the floor, you may put some chairs or furniture to cordon the area of the incident. 

  1. Wear Safety Shoes and Gloves

No matter how careful you are, if you clean the mess with your bare hand, chances are you may injure yourself. Wear safety shoes, (preferably close-toed) and put on safety gloves like the one you use for gardening.  

  1. Ensure Window Safety

Do not take emergent action but secure the window slowly and surely. If the glass repair company is not available at the moment, what you need to do is to minimize the threat of falling window glass. Use gloves to remove the large shards of glass from the window frame. If the glass has fallen out completely from the frame, it is better to cover the window with something that could protect your home from the glass pieces that may snap off. For this, you can use plywood or a heavy tarpaulin. 

Another scenario is if the glass doesn’t fall out of the window but it has a long series of cracks that can collapse whenever. Using duct tape or any other tape that is strong enough, tape the cracks to seal it temporarily. 

  1. Cleaning the Glass

After picking the loose glass and shards, put them in a bag and throw them in the bin immediately. If the broken window falls around hardwood floors and tiles, sweep them carefully before you use the vacuum cleaner. This protects the floor from scratch and ensures a good clean-up. 



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