5 Common Reasons why You should Consider Window Repair

Though many homeowners opt to a window replacement, deciding to go on a home window repair can give some advantages. When you’re not on a budget, this can be a great choice. Others just immediately replace their windows without even evaluating that it can still be fixed and repaired. Not only it can save you money but provide your home more value and appraisal.

We understand why people avoid having their home windows repaired. The common reason is that they don’t know how to start and what are the steps that need to be executed. If you are one of these, you are in the right article! In this post, we cover 5 situations that give you a sign to get your home windows the repair it needs.

  1. If closing and opening your windows are difficult.

Have you ever experienced your windows getting stiff and hard to push, pull, or slide? If so, it is necessary to have a residential glass repair. Because you are not able to open and close them the way they should, it affects the energy distribution in your room and contributes energy loss. Due to the small gaps and cracks in the windows, heat energy is lessened, resulting for your home to get colder.  

  1. If the water enters through the window.

This is one of the most common reasons why you need window repair. During the cold and rainy season, the water may seep and enter your home. This dampness will eventually result in cracks and molds which slowly weakens the windows and the wall itself. When you see this, check the window if the seal is still intact, or you need to reseal and fix it to prevent bigger issues. 

  1. If your windows are foggy.

Windows that look so clouded and blurry simply indicate that it is not working properly. Though you allocate time to wipe them during weekends or on a set schedule, fixing them is a better idea. This means that the windows have gaps where the air flow through, making it poor and energy-inefficient.  

  1. If you feel discomfort at home. 

If you have troubles getting the proper room temperature, then there’s a problem with your window. If you turn on the air conditioner and the room doesn’t cool down, neither warm up when it’s off, the air circulation in the room is not functioning the way it should. Your windows should trap the heat inside when its winter season, and deflect it during summer days. If what happens is the opposite, get ready for a window repair. 

  1. If your energy bills seem ridiculously higher.

A good working window can cut your energy bills while a malfunctioning one can drive you to higher energy consumption. According to the statistics, it is reported that 1/3 of a home’s total heat loss usually happens through doors and windows. With that being said, the unwanted cold air in the winter and the escaping heat increase the stress in your HVAC system and forces it to consume a lot of energy.



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